Professor Lucy R Wyatt

Address: Department of Applied Mathematics, The University of Sheffield, Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, SHEFFIELD S3 7RH

Telephone: 0114 222 3794 (International: +44 114 222 3794)

Email: L.Wyatt@sheffield.ac.uk

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Professor Lucy Wyatt is interested in HF radar applications in oceanography. Her main activity has been in the development and validation of algorithms for wave, wind and current measurement using a number of different HF radar systems.

NOTE: I am on leave of absence for three years from Nov 2011 to take up the post of Director of the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN). ACORN provides data for the Integrated Australian Observing System, IMOS. More information about ACORN can be found at IMOS-ACORN.

During this time you can contact as shown below

Director, ACORN
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
James Cook University
Email: lucy.wyatt@jcu.edu.au

HF radars are surface-based systems that measure backscatter from the ocean surface on spatial and temporal scales suitable for a wide range of engineering and oceanographic applications. They are usually located on the coast measuring out to 20-200km depending on the radio wavelength and parameter being measured. Methods for inverting the integral equation that describes the relationship between HF radar backscatter and the ocean wave directional spectrum, and statistical methods for assessing the accuracy of the radar measurements are being developed. The success of these methods has been recognised internationally and has established Sheffield University as a centre of excellence in HF radar oceanographic applications. This work was originally carried out using the PISCES long-range radar system. This radar is now operational again with funding from DEFRA and the UK Meteorological Office who are assessing its potential value for the UK wave monitoring network, WAVENET. We have more than one years near-continuous collection of waves, currents and winds with this system. We have also worked with the OSCR HF radar system, which is a short-range high spatial resolution system that is commercially available for current measurement. This was used during an EC MAST2 contract, SCAWVEX, which also involved working with a German radar, WERA. Data from SCAWVEX experiments are being used for comparison with the wave model SWAN. We participated in the EU MAST3 project EUROROSE, providing real time inversion software for WERA. In addition we processed more OSCR data collected during the SHOWEX experiment on the North Carolina coast.

The software package we have developed has been licensed to and is available from Seaview Sensing Ltd .

Selected projects are as follows: